A Conference Held During Pandemic

When we stayed up on New Year’s eve wishing our dear and near ones a wonderful year ahead, we never expected the home quarantine part and suffocation from wearing masks. Coronavirus did bring our lives to a standstill. Before we even realized, classrooms were replaced with google classrooms, and “ among us “ and “ Netflix party “ became the new way to socialize. And with this came virtual conferences. Open Data Science Conference is an annual conference held in San Francisco and is the largest and ONLY applied data science training conference in the…

A Boon Or A Bane

As Elon Musk had stated AI is capable of becoming an immortal dictator that we cannot escape. Most of us already rely on the internet to decide which product to buy, which road to drive, article to read, and so on. The recommendation systems on media platforms escalate the influence of the internet making us victims of digital addiction. the current Netflix sensational documentary “The Social Dilemma” is centered around this theme. “The Social Dilemma” gives us an insight into how social addiction had spread faster than the global pandemic. …

Megha S Nair

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